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Promotional Videos


Promotional videos are a great way to reach new customers and grow your business. These videos are often used to boost sales, raise funds and build brand awareness for your company. They help engage the viewer and let you stand out from the crowd. Our team will work with you to create a video treatment plan to ensure the final deliverable exceeds your expectations, delivers a clear message and maximises your return on investment.

Promotional videos include traditional commercials, YouTube and Facebook advertisements, fundraising videos, website videos and much more. These types of videos are highly tailored towards the audience and must be able to incite an emotional connection within the viewer in a short period of time.


Traditional commercials are a high budget promotional video with an extensive focus on the message and appearance of the video. These videos usually have an underlying story which reveals and showcases your product or service. During the development of commercials considerable time is spent during pre-production to ensure maximum effectiveness of the final product.

Youtube video advertisements are a great way to market your product or service to a targeted demographic. These videos are generally 6 to 20 seconds in length depending on the ad type. The development process of YouTube video ads usually include shooting 3-4 variations and later editing them together as a bulk package allowing for the implementation of an impact analysis.

Facebook advertisements are short promotional videos normally 5 – 15 seconds in length. These videos are designed to build awareness for your brand and sell a product or service to the viewer. Unlike most other video ad formats, facebook ads are not restricted to the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio allowing for more flexibility during the shooting and editing.

Homepage videos are a great way of welcoming people to your website, exciting your customers and creating a positive first impression. As videos are the best way of understanding information in a short period of time, capturing your audience on the homepage of your website will quickly let them know who you are, what you do and how they would benefit.

Fundraising videos are a longer form of promotional video designed to pull at the heartstrings of the viewer and incite donations to a cause. This type of video often includes several interviews with supporting B-roll allowing you to tell the story of your organisation and how the viewers’ valuable donations will help your cause. Depending on your project these videos can be designed to be played at events or displayed online.

Demonstration Videos are similar to training/instructional videos as they are usually a longer form corporate video with the goal of showing the viewer how a product or service works. Unlike training/instructional videos, demonstration videos are usually targeted towards external sources such as the client or customer to help them use the product.

Testimonial videos incorporate interviews with existing satisfied customers to demonstrate the support they feel for your brand. This type of corporate video is extremely effective due to the genuine nature of the content allowing for the development of trust between future customers/clients and your brand.

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When you choose Octopi Media for your promotional video project, we guarantee a final product which will make your viewers say OH BUOY! Our methodology is to approach each project with key elements in mind to ensure you get the most out of your custom promotional video.

Targeted to your audience

Promotional videos should be highly planned and targeted to a specific demographic to ensure maximum effectiveness. Understanding your target demographic, their desires, needs and pain points will allow your video to effictly engage the viewer.

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics add energy to a promotional video and can rapidly provide additional information to the viewer. Logo reveals can help make your brand memorable while supporting graphics can highlight key points you want the viewer to remember.

Professional Audio

Great sounding audio is one of the most important aspects of a promotional video. Clear sounding dialogue or monologues allow the viewer to understand your message while sound design and music build up the atmosphere of the video.

Focus on your ROI

The focus of any promotional video should be on its performance and return on investment (ROI). Developing a well thought out and executed promotional video will ensure you maximize your ROI whether that means boosting sales or growing brand awareness.

UHD 4K Quality

The image quality of your promotional video is one of the first things your viewer will notice. Recording and delivering your video in UHD 4K will ensure the viewer is intrigued with your brand and has a positive first impression.

Wondering a-BOAT the benefits of a promotional video?

Promotional videos can help generate sales and grow awareness towards your business. Having a video which is tailored and targeted to your audience will make you brand more memorable and recognizable in the future. Being able to simultaneously promote your product or service through auditory and visual stimulation will prove more effective in achieving results.

Build brand awareness

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and build brand awareness with the use of promotional videos. Creating unique, creative and memorable videos helps your business build loyalty and confidence with its customer base and interest with new potential customers.

Boost Sales

Promoting your product or service using video allows for a deeper desire and emotional connection within the viewer. Stimulating several senses at once helps invoke the subconscious mind making the viewer more susceptible to further advertisement of your product or service.

Reach more potential customers and clients

Online videos can help your company reach new potential customers and clients than ever before. For example Facebook and YouTube advertisements can be a great way of showing off your product or service to a targeted group of individuals who may be uniformed of its benefits.


See how your industry benefits from promotional videos


Engineering and consulting firms can benefit from several types of promotional videos. YouTube, Facebook and other online advertisements can help boost brand awareness and attract new potential employees and clients to your business. A good home page video, on the other hand, is a great way to generate a positive first impression when potential clients and investors visit your website. Finally, a video showcasing your story builds the reputation of your brand by outlining key achievements and demonstrating a history of trust and personal growth to key stakeholders interested in your business.


Promotional videos can help both private and public education institutions promote their schools and generate donations. Informational videos are a great way to market your school to new and prospective students by informing them about key initiatives and features of your school. Facebook and YouTube advertisements can be used to create awareness about key enrolment dates and events such as open houses designed to attract new and prospective students. Finally, fundraising videos are a great tool to encourage and inspire donations from alumni and community members by showing them the impact their donation will make in the academic success of the students.


Promotional videos are a key tool for any business in the tourism industry. Commercials, YouTube, and Facebook advertisements are great ways of growing awareness of your business within your target demographic. Once your potential clientele are aware of your brand and services, a homepage video helps generate more interest in your business, increasing the chance of converting them into a customer. Finally, an informational video helps your guests prepare for their adventure by informing them of the ins and outs of the activity and any clothes or items they will need to pack before their trip.

Local Business

Local businesses can use promotional videos to help further establish themselves and gain support from members in their community. A your story video helps showcase the personality of your brand, building trust and a personal connection with your potential customers. Facebook advertisements promote your brand awareness online to a targeted demographic, generating new and returning customers for your business. Finally, a custom and personal homepage video is a great way of welcoming your supporters to your website by reminding them who you are and your role in the community.


Political parties, campaigns and activist groups can benefit greatly from highly targeted and effective promotional videos. Commercials are a high budget method of reaching large volumes of potential voters and persuading them of the importance of your message. YouTube and Facebook advertisements allow for a more targeted approach to video marketing, building energy, dialogue and passion in your voter base. Finally, fundraising videos help your organization generate an emotional response within its base, creating a drive and need to donate to the cause they deeply believe in.

Summer Camps

Summer camps can use promotional videos to grow awareness, boost enrolment and create returning customers. Facebook and YouTube advertisements can be very targeted towards your target demographic with the goal of generating an emotional response and intrigue into your program. A great website video helps capture prospective campers by exciting them with what your summer program is all about. Finally, an informational or your story video can help build trust between campers, parents and your brand by demonstrating your goals, intentions and positive track record of making lifelong memories.


The healthcare industry can benefit from several types of promotional videos designed to raise awareness, generate donations and improve public health. Informational videos are a great way of informing key stakeholders of evolving healthcare procedures and practices. Fundraising videos help gain public support for your mission from philanthropists and community members ensuring you meet your donation goals. Finally, commercials, YouTube, and Facebook advertisements can be used to inform the general public of pressing healthcare initiatives critical to the well being of the surrounding community.

Specialty Product

Promotional videos are an excellent way of growing awareness, increasing market reach and boosting sales for your specialty product. A professional commercial is a great way of marketing your product in a clean and professional manner to a large audience. YouTube and Facebook video ads allow for your product to be marketed to key demographics through targeted videos designed to drive an emotional response. Finally, informational videos are a great way to boost your product awareness and sales by informing the public of features, benefits and potential used for your product.

Specialty Service

Promotional videos are an awesome way of sharing your business with the world and gaining support for the specialty service you offer. A your story video builds a connection with your audience before they get to meet you in real life, growing trust and confidence in your brand. YouTube and Facebook advertisements are great ways of growing awareness for your service within a targeted demographic found to benefit greatly from your business. Finally, an informational video is a great way to drum up return business by reminding existing customers of the benefits and advantages your service brought them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Promotional videos are a type of video with the goal of promoting a product or service. These include commercials, YouTube and Facebook advertisements and much more. Each video is developed with a target demographic and a desired outcome in mind. Whether you are trying to grow awareness or boost sales, promotional videos can be a very valuable asset.

The optimal length of a promotional video varies heavily on the content, goal and delivery method of the video. For example an awareness video and a sales video would have different optimal lengths. As a general rule of thumb, promotional videos should be under 2.5 to 5 minutes in length as most viewers lose interest past this point.

Voiceover includes the recording of any supplemental narration for a film or video in which the person speaking is not seen on camera. Voiceover is a very powerful tool when used right and can provide the viewer with a better understanding of the story and your message.

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