Live Events


Live Events


Live event video is a great way for any event organizer to capture and share their event with the world. Reach new audiences online and create an archive of the event for future viewing. Our team will work with you to ensure all angles of your event are recorded, ensuring key talking points, the events atmosphere and the audience’s reactions are all included into one comprehensive video.

Live event videos encapsulate conferences, public lectures, comedy shows, religious ceremonies, training seminars, concerts and much more. Depending on your needs, these videos can either be full length recaps of the event, cut down highlight reels or both.


Recording a conference live allows for key discussion points and segments to be shared with experts and other stakeholders unable to attend the event. Highlight segments of the conference can later be shared as promotional material online, building support for your cause and reminding guests to sign up for your next conference.

Capturing a comedy show in the moment creates a life long memory of the event and allows for distribution of the show in a digital format online. Distributing your comedy show online helps build brand awareness, grows your audience and creates demand for further in-person comedy shows.

Recording training seminars live is a great first step when wanting to transfer an in-person training program into an online format. Capturing the full lecture including demonstrations, questions and activities helps create an online training program which includes many of the benefits of an in-person course while improving accessibility and decreasing operational cost.

Religious ceremonies can benefit from live event videos as a means to share their message with the world. Reach individuals who may be stuck at home or simply cannot attend the ceremony by giving them a sense of faith and hope. Using video as a means of communication will ensure members of your community will have access to your support wherever they may be.

Live event video is a great way to capture your concert and save it in a format which allows viewers to experience your show at a later date. Sharing moments from your live concerts is also a great way of marketing your band helping boost awareness and drive sales for your albums and future live concerts.

Reach a greater audience by recording and sharing your public lecture with academics from around the world. Having the lecture in a sharable format ensures the message, key talking points and audience questions are accessible for years to come allowing for countless students to benefit from the provided information.

Competition videos whether it be sports, engineering, musical or other can be stepped up to another level with a live event video. Filming your event, creating recaps and highlight segments creates a great marketing opportunity for future events using the already captured video.

Political rallies are a great opportunity for a targeted live event video. Capturing your rally live from several angles including showing off all your supporters in attendance can help share your message with the voting base while building energy and support online. Grow awareness and boost your position in the polls.

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Custom Graphics

Custom graphics such as lower thirds, title screens, and logo reveals are a great way of providing additional information to the viewer. These can help identify information of the speaker such as their role and background or can be used to outline key sections of the event.

Professional Audio

Capturing and hearing a speaker in a large room can be challenging without the proper gear. Using professional wireless lavs and other microphones allows our team to capture your whole event while limiting any background noise from distorting the message  of your subject.

Multiple Cameras Angles

Multiple camera angles allow for the event to be experienced by several points of view. These could include wide shots, closeups, and even angles showing the crowd. An added benefit is the provided failsafe incase any cameras go down ensuring your whole event is captured.

Broadcast Ready Quality

Capturing your event in a streaming ready format gives you the greatest flexibility to use your footage in the future. Ultrasharp UHD 4k video helps future proof the recording of your event and allows the viewer to experience the event as if they were live in the venue.

Adaptable to any location

Not all venues are created equal. Being able to adapt to challenging filing conditions will ensure that your event is clearly captured independent of the set up of the venue. Having a variety of different lenses and an experienced crew allows for a professional timely setup.

Wondering a-BOAT the benefits of live event video?

Live event video is a great tool to expand your business into the online world. Capturing your event in a sharable format will help you share your message online, reaching more people than ever before, growing support for your cause and creating new potential sources of income. In addition you get the benefit of saving your event in a format which can be experienced at any point in the future.

Share your event with the world

Venues have a limited capacity and are not always accessible to your whole audience. Capturing your event live allows for a larger audience than previously imaginable. Let your supporters from around the world experience your event from the comfort of their own home.

Grow support for your cause

Recording your event live, creating highlight reels showcasing key points and sharing them online is a great way to grow support for your cause. Creating highly shareable snippets of your event will remind your audience of you and increase the chance they share their experience with their friends.

Increase Revenue

Posting and sharing your event online can be a great way of generating supplemental revenue. Whether your event is shared behind a paywall on your website or simply posted on a streaming website with ads enabled, each view will contribute to a steady and continuous revenue stream.


See how your industry benefits from live event video


Engineering and consulting firms can benefit from several types of live event video. Filming your conference is a great way to help further grow your brand and your company’s image in the online sphere. Public lecture videos can be used to show the expertise your company has in a specific field by educating potential clients, employees and competitors. Finally training seminar videos are a great way of capturing an in-person training course and transferring it into an accessible online format for your employees.

Student Clubs

Student clubs can utilize live event videos to help build awareness and support for their cause. Public lectures from notable academics can be filmed as a live event and posted online in the form of a YouTube lecture. Student conferences with industry experts are another great opportunity for a live event video as a means of marketing your conference and your cause. Comedy show videos are a great way to share some of your fun events with students unable to attend by creating a long lasting memory which can be shared online for years to come.


Live event videos can be beneficial to several different types of individuals, groups and companies in the music industry. Whether you are a soloist, part of a band, a production company or a musical instrument manufacturer, live event videos can help build your brand awareness around the world, grow fans, and help generate additional revenue. Filming a concert or live performance creates a memory which can be shared online and watched by millions of fans and supporters. All these views can translate to ad revenue and a new potential customer base.


Venues can benefit from live event videos as a means to promote both themselves and the event organizers. Whether it be a comedy show, a conference or a public lecture, having clear and professional footage of the event helps show off the space. Through live event video, location owners can show off the amenities and vibrance of the locale to new potential clients looking to rent the venue. Event organizers get the benefit of having a full recap of their event which can be shared online, developing additional revenue through YouTube avertisment and additional ticket sales to future events.

Bar and clubs

Bars and clubs can utilize live event videos to help market their business and support the local talent renting their venue. Whether the event be a concert, poetry slam, comedy show or other fun and exciting event, a live event video will help build awareness for your business by placing it in an online spotlight. A clear and professional video showcasing the event will also help both your business and the artists draw in more customers and supporters. Finally, posting your video of the event online can generate some additional revenue through advertisements on YouTube.


Live event video can be a great asset to political parties and political associations in pushing their agenda and growing support. Filming and sharing your rallies online helps keep the energy flowing after the event within your supporter base. Creating short excerpt videos and highlight reels from your rally creates easily shareable content for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms. Build your online marketing platform with real genuine content which can be shared and enjoyed by thousands while showcasing your policies, beliefs and supporters.


The education industry can utilize live event videos in their day to day operations. Recording lectures and seminars whether delivered to students or the general public allows for future delivery of the content in an accessible online format. Conferences and celebrational gatherings can be captured on film to create a sharable lifelong memory. These recordings can later be used as promotional material for the institution and guest speakers. Finally competition videos can be used to outline the academic excellence and critical thinking skills of your students and faculty when faced with real world challenges.

High tech

Companies in the high tech industry can benefit from several different types of live event videos. Videos of trade shows and conferences can be used to share the knowledge and information from the event with enthusiasts and experts around the world. Public lectures or product releases can be captured live on camera and shared online to build up hype and excitement for a new product or technologie. Finally, live training sessions can be captured into a digital format allowing for remote course delivery and playback for attendees at a later date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Live event videos include the capturing and recording of live events into a video format. The video of the event can later be used for online marketing, distribution or archiving purposes depending on your needs.

A roughcut is the first step of the offline editing process and includes a rough assembly of the acquired footage into a story. The roughcut gives an opportunity for the client to give notes on the overall flow of the video before further refinements and a finecut is exported.

UHD stands for Ultra High Definition video. This usually refers to any video that is above 1080p(HD) in resolution. UHD 4k refers to any video which is 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels tall. A good point of reference is that UHD 4k has 4 times the amount of pixels as 1080p resulting in a sharper and clearer image.

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