Corporate Videos


Corporate Videos


Corporate videos are a great tool for businesses small or large in any industry to interact and reach out to a targeted group. Using video, your business can build brand recognition, create engagement with the viewer and stand out from the crowd. Our team will work with you to create a video treatment plan to ensure the final deliverable exceeds your expectations, delivers a clear message and stays true to your company and brand ideas.

Corporate videos include training and instructional videos, explainer videos, progress reports, testimonials and much more. While Promotional Videos are designed mostly to drive sales and boost awareness with external sources, Corporate Videos are mostly tailored towards internal sources who already have background knowledge in the subject of the video. Although these two video production services can often overlap, corporate videos are often the better choice for delivering highly targeted information.


Training and instructional videos are usually a long format corporate video with the goal of providing information clearly and concisely to the viewer. These are targeted towards employees within a company and can be used to explain safety protocols, and in depth guides to a new system or process.

Progress reports have the goal of providing an update of a project or company’s current standing to key stakeholders. These could include project milestones, quarterly updates and restructuring information. The tone of this type of video is usually more professional and includes visual aides to help illustrate key numbers and achievements.

Slideshow videos are a great way of celebrating a team or group of individuals at a large conference or event. A slideshow video incorporates hundreds of photos with custom transitions into a visual story. This type of video is also created and timed to music of your choosing to build on the atmosphere of your event.

Video for events and conferences include several sub-categories such as skits, interviews, direct to camera and demonstrations. This type of corporate video can be used to market a product or service, break the ice at your event or even celebrate your achievements in front of your audience.

Explainer videos are a subcategory of corporate videos which explain the benefits or use of a specific product or service. This type of video is usually targeted towards external sources such as new or existing clients and customers with the goal of familiarizing themselves with the product/service you are selling.

Demonstration Videos are similar to training/instructional videos as they are usually a longer form corporate video with the goal of showing the viewer how a product or service works. Unlike training/instructional videos, demonstration videos are usually targeted towards external sources such as the client or customer to help them use the product.

Testimonial videos incorporate interviews with existing satisfied customers to demonstrate the support they feel for your brand. This type of corporate video is extremely effective due to the genuine nature of the content allowing for the development of trust between future customers/clients and your brand.

Virtual tours are a short form corporate video designed to show off the layout and amenities within a building. These can either constitute real estate videos with the goal of selling property or for the demonstration of a hotel or long term care facility in which customers might choose to visit or move into.

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When you choose Octopi Media for your corporate video project, we guarantee a final product which will make your viewers say OH BUOY! Our methodology is to approach each project with key elements in mind to ensure you get the most out of your custom corporate video.

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics, such as lower thirds, are used in corporate videos to help illustrate key points and aspects of the video. Additionally, a custom logo reveal helps build brand awareness at the start or end of your video.

Professional Audio

Great sounding audio is one of the most important aspects of a corporate video. Being able to clearly hear and understand the speaker will allow the viewer to understand your message and leave a lasting positive impression.

Focus on Message

Placing a focus on the core message of your corporate video allows for a concise and clear final product. This will allow the viewer to walk away with a better understanding of your brand and the subject matter discussed in the video.

Targeted to your audience

For a corporate video to be effective, it is essential to identify and address the target demographic. Creating a highly targeted video will improve the effectiveness of your video and ensure the target audience remains receptive and engaged.

Broadcast Ready Quality

The image quality of your corporate video is one of the first things your viewer will notice. Having your video recorded in UHD 4k will ensure the final product looks sharp on displays of all sizes including projectors and televisions.

Wondering a-BOAT the benefits of a corporate video?

Corporate videos can help boost a business of any size. Having a video which is tailored to your audience and presents the information in a clear and concise manner can help you build confidence in your brand, stand out from the crowd and reach more potential customers and clients than ever before. Recently, videos have become a critical tool to inform and capture the attention of your target demographic.

Build confidence in your brand

The use of corporate videos can have a significant beneficial impact on your brand image and reputation. Using testimonial, explaniner, or interview videos helps put a face to your company and its customers which inturn helps build trust and loyalty in your brand.

Stand out from the crowd

Differentiate yourself by incorporating corporate videos into your day to day operations. Whether this be training videos to give your employees a leading edge or progress report videos targeted towards new investors, make a splash with a custom video.

Get your message across more effectively than text

Information presented in a video is more effectively understood than text due to the simultaneous audio and visual stimulation. Using video for a virtual tour or in a training program will allow the viewer to have a deeper understanding of the presented information.


See how your industry benefits from corporate videos


Engineering and consulting firms can benefit from several types of corporate videos. Training videos can be used for new employees to get them up to speed with the operations and safety protocols of the company or serve as a quick refresher course to senior employees. Progress report videos can be used to celebrate a project milestone or update investors on the latest quarter’s financials. Finally explainer or informational videos can be used to inform the general public or other experts about developments your company has made in the research and development of a new product.


The healthcare sector can utilize corporate videos in their day to day operations to improve operational efficiency and public outreach. Training videos can be used to update health practitioners on new and evolving protocols, or can even explain the ins and outs of a new data entry system. Virtual tour videos can give new visitors of the facility a sense of relief as they would already know the layout and key areas of the building before visiting. Finally informational videos could serve to inform the public about best practices to stay healthy and safe while building confidence with your brand.


Schools and universities can benefit from a variety of corporate videos, especially when delivering course information online. These could be instructional videos in the form of pre recorded lectures or lab manuals designed to aid in remote learning. Additionally, explainer videos can be an asset for familiarising students and staff with several online resources including their functionality and features. Finally virtual tour videos can be used to show off your school’s campus to new students and potential donors.

Public Works

Corporate videos can help gain support for public works projects within the general public and create a sense of community within employees. Explainer and informative videos can outline the importance and gain public support for different types of projects and their impacts on the community. Progress report videos can update the public on the status of different projects and provide information on the expected completion date and any other impacts it may have on day to day life. Finally event videos can be used to help build a sense of teamwork and community within the workforce.


Videos can be a great way to boost your not for profit business by soliciting more donations and gaining support for your cause. Videos for events and slideshows are a great addition to any fundraising event and can help pull at the heartstrings of potential donors. Explainer and informational videos can help share your message with the world, building support for your cause and educating the general public. Finally progress report videos are a great way of showcasing your achievements and your goals for the future.


Corporate videos can be a large asset to any political campaign. Video can help build awareness and support for your party and individual candidate. Explainer and informative videos can be used to explain the party’s policies and long term goals to potential voters. Progress reports can be used to update party members on donation progress and help with that final push to reach your fundraising goals. Finally, videos created for events and rallies can help get the crowd excited and further their support for your candidate.

Investment Banking

Corporate videos can help build trust within your clients and provide them with valuable information on the future outlook of their investments. Quarterly update videos are a great way to update your clients on the current status of the market and outline key predictions moving forward. Additionally, informational and explainer videos can be used to explain the benefits and differences between stocks, bonds and other investment options. Providing this informational material in a video format will familiarise new customers with your brand and encourage them to approach your firm for advice.

Specialty Product

Show off the features and benefits of your product with custom videos. Explainer and demonstration videos are a great way to provide online support for your product while showing it off to potential customers in a manner that does not resemble a traditional advertisement. Testimonial videos can be an effective way of building trust with your customers by showing them the desirability of your product.Finally, progress report videos can be used to show off your companies progress and gain financial support from potential investors.

Specialty Service

Building interest and support of your specialised service can be achieved through the use of corporate videos. This could mean testimonial videos which highlight your satisfied customers or explainer videos illustrating the pain points addressed with your service. Informational videos are also a useful tool as they can explain the benefits of your service and how it differentiates itself from your competitors. Finally, demonstration videos could be used to show your service in action, furthering the interest of your customers in your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate video production is the development and creation of video for businesses. Examples of corporate videos are training videos, progress reports, demonstration videos and explainer videos. Corporate videos are usually targeted to individuals within a company with the goal of providing information and insight onto a specific subject.

B-roll includes any footage cut into the video which is not part of the main shot or interview. Think of this as supplemental footage which helps deliver your message and ads interest to the video.

Most corporate videos include a form of interviews or narration to explain the subject. Clear audio and sharp video is important as it will help deliver the message and limit any distractions to the viewer. B-roll helps reinforce your message with supporting footage and adds interest to your video. Finally, graphics can be used to highlight key points and concepts throughout the video.

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