Corporate Videos

Sea Smart

This Corporate Video features Sea Smart, a fun and educational hands-on program for kids in grades K – 12. Sea Smart teaches kids all about the ocean and the science behind it. Dr. Elaine Leung, with a PhD in Marine Biology has over 15 years of experience working in the field and runs the in school workshops, after school programs and summer camps passing on all her knowledge of the ocean. This video showcases what the program is all about and why kids love it so much.

The Octopi Media team were very professional and enthusiastic from the very start. I was really impressed with the effort and amount of work they put in to make sure they had all the footage they needed, and their patience dealing with difficult filming situations (e.g. boats and planes zipping around non-stop). They were great during filming and put our students and staff at ease. Everyone who’s seen our video loves it and they all feel so inspired and happy…Every time I watch our video, I smile and have tears of joy. Octopi Media were wonderful at capturing Sea Smart’s mission, significance, and emotions in a very impactful video. If you’re looking for a video production company who will work with you to create an inspiring video, while providing expert guidance, thorough filming and editing, then definitely go with Octopi Media!

Dr. Elaine Leung – Sea Smart

Rosewood Manor

This Corporate Video was done for a fundraising event at Rosewood Manor. This video centers around the homes’ accomplishments over the last couple years. In it is a series of interviews and shots showcasing the life and care of residents in the home and all the developments done in the last couple years to the home.

The second video was made to celebrate the 35th anniversary of rosewood manor. Throughout the 28 minute documentary slideshow, the editing and music travel with the retirement home through the ages. Each song features a unique vibe and feeling matching its song and images. This project required a lot of Pre-Production and Post-Production in order to meet all the clients needs and expectations.

When I met Chris, I had a scrap little piece of paper in my hand that had key words and messages that I wanted him to capture in a video. ( our home – facility, country music singers with Alzheimer’s disease – Glen Campbell, and fundraising)

I was amazed with the results and it still brings tears to my eyes. Octopi media captured exactly what I was looking for. They were professional and respectful of our environment and the residents that were living in the facility while they were filming.

Deborah Goegan – Rosewood Administrator

AE Foundation

The Arthur Erickson Foundation is a group focused on sustaining the work and legacy of Arthur Erickson, Canada’s famed architect. His old home and garden was re-modeled to his liking back when he lived there and can now be toured by the general public. In the summer of 2017 the Arthur Erickson Foundation approached us for help promoting tours of Arthur Erickson’s house and garden. The promotional corporate video features the garden in all its beauty, beckoning passersby to come step through its gate into another world.

Octopi Media took on the challenge of producing a promotional video for the Arthur Erickson garden in a short time span. Adding to the challenge, I asked that they rely heavily on imagery, using no voiceover and a minimal amount of on-screen text. The result was a professional piece that captured the colour and mood of the garden. I’d use them again in a heartbeat.

Stephen Forgacs – Principal, Intersection Anywhere Strategic Communications
Former board member, Arthur Erickson Foundation

60 Year Anniversary

This is a short two minute documentary was done for the Cohen family’s 60 year anniversary. Although easy on set, the documentary was heavily edited, on Avid Media Composer, in order to string together multiple interview takes. The Camera and lighting package was provided by Matthew Symons.

Music Videos

Love Interruption

Love Interruption is a cover Music Video used as part of a larger production. This music video was filmed in the early morning set of Queen Elizabeth Park. This romantic story featured young love and the complications that come with it. The Fog and FX was provided by Matthew Symons.

How You Like Me Now

This cover Music Video is part of a series production, and was shot downtown Granville street in the late night. Choreographed in part by Claudia Yuen, the music video shows a love triangle where the boy has to choose between the “bad girl” or the “girl next door”.

Slow Knots

Done in a custom studio setting, this cover Music Video is part of a larger production showcasing the struggle of life. We used a combination of powder paint and mixed water paint then edited heavily in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Bright Side

Brightside is a cover Music Video part of a bigger production. This video was shot in Kits Beach and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro. The main idea of the music video was to express self love and happiness. We created that atmosphere with the help of the beautiful location around us and the carefree jumpiness in the artist, costumes, colors and camera.

Remember to Breathe

Remember to Breath is a cover Music Video which signifies the panic felt before first dates. The Music Video was shot with the artist singing to a slowed down version of the song. When speeding up the footage, the speed of the lyrics matched together. As the Music Video progressed the actors you see in the video sped up, meaning the artist sang to an even slower version of the song. There is a total of four different speeds in the video, only one of them live.

Sport Videos

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking showcases some of the classic trails on the north shore. The shore is world renowned for its network of steep and gnarly trails. In order to keep up with the rider, we used a glidecam to get smooth tracking shots. As all the gear needed to be packed deep into the woods, it was crucial for this Sport Video that our setup was lightweight and easy to transport.


This Sport Video was shot in Whistler, BC and showcases local rider Luke Myers as he shreds the terrain park. In order to get stunning slow-motion shots in the video, we used a Canon XC10 which allowed for easy mobility and slow-motion capabilities. The follow shots were achieved by mounting the XC10 on a rig using a glidecam camera stabilizer. This allowed the camera operator to stay next to the subject on the move at the same time as achieving smooth camera motion.

Aerial Cinematography

Flying over False Creek

This Aerial Cinematography video showcases the beautiful waterfront of Vancouver BC during the winter. In order to fully capture the impressive view of the waterfront, we used a phantom 3 professional so that the sight could be captured in UHD 4k video. Having this higher resolution helps in post production by giving more freedom with image composition and results in clearer, cleaner images.

TV Shows


Focus is an episodic series made in collaboration with Kitsilano Theatre Company. It is a look inside the minds of high school students examining the sometimes drastic difference between how individuals perceive themselves and how others perceive them. “It’s September 2017 and a tragedy has struck Kitsilano Secondary School. Flash back to 2015 and follow the lives of 16 different students as their paths intersect and lead closer to the culmination of events.”

The directors and senior editors at Octopi did a truly exceptional job of taking a large amount of footage, music and storyboards and transformed it into a finished series of films in a quality high enough for professional film viewing.

They met deadlines set by the executive producer each week and their finished product was not only Blu-ray quality but also was aired for five weeks at the Rio Theatre.

I highly recommend Octopi for any productions or advertising videos that require professionalism, promptness and a guaranteed quality product delivered on a deadline.

Ryan Parker – Kitsilano Theatre Company

Focus Season One [Official Trailer]

Focus Season One Intro

Focus Season One Finale Montage