Octopi Media Chris Kavelaars

Chris Kavelaars

CO-Owner / Director of Photography

Chris Kavelaars is a videographer and filmmaker from Vancouver British Columbia. His love for cameras since a young age inspired him to step into the film industry. Chris has since shot a wide variety of short films and sports videos.Having been the Lead Cinematographer of the TV show Focus, Chris helped to create some of the most breathtaking shots of the whole series. Over the course of the production, Chris developed crucial skills dealing with a production of this magnitude. Now studying engineering at Queen’s , Chris still has a passion for his work in film. He spends his free time filming and editing videos with his friends. 


Octopi Media Ronny Kurland

Ronny Kurland

CO-Owner / Director

Ronny Kurland is a Director and editor studying in Capilano University’s Motion Picture Arts Program. Having done independent film for a number of years, Ronny has a range of short films under her belt. Aside from shorts she also co-directed the first season of Focus TV with the Kitsilano Theatre Company and put up a play with The Cultch as part of the IGNITE! Youth Festival. Ronny’s greatest strength is her ability to turn the clients’ visions into reality. She deals with the specific story aspect of the film both on set and in post.