At Octopi Media, the gear we use and our partners reflects our values, helping you achieve seamless, easy quality.


Our crew utilises a variety of cameras including the Canon C100 mark ii and a selection of DSLRs as secondary cameras for B roll. The Canon C100 is trusted by professional videographers all around the world and is commonly used for wedding videography and professional commercials.

In order to get the most out of our shots, we utilize a variety of external recorders from Atomos. Using an external recorder allows us to export AppleProRes 422 HQ and Avid DNXHD 220x to an external ssd. Recording to these formats saves us time in post-production and allows us to export sharper and more vivid images.

Octopi Media - Octopi Media - Vancouver Video Production Company


All our cameras utilize the canon EF mount in order to ensure complete interchangeability between all of our cameras. This allows us to switch quickly between our gear to ensure that our shoot stays on schedule. Our team uses weather sealed Canon L lenses on every shoot. We use these lenses as they are tested and proven to work in any weather conditions and produce consistently sharp and clear images.


Our basic lighting kit is composed of a 650W Arri Fresnel as a key light and 2 Arri 300W Fresnels as secondary lights. This allows us to create a basic three point lighting structure, which can be transformed slightly to be professionally utilized in both artistic and corporate situations. This kit is extremely versatile and can be expanded to fit any size job by simply adding additional lights.

The Arri Lights are a trusted industry standard and are used on every major professional set, from Tv series to commercials and feature films alike. Due to their reputation, Octopi Media trusts these lights to complete the job in any situation.

Octopi Media - Vancouver Video Production Company


Sound makes up 50% of your story telling ability. Using advanced audio allows you to able to enrich both the storytelling and comprehension of your video. With the proper audio equipment you are guaranteed to reach the full potential of storytelling in your video, corporate, commercial or artistic. Because of this, audio is a number one priority here at Octopi Media. In order to ensure that every video has broadcast ready audio, our team utilizes a variety of high end microphones which fit the requirements of any job large or small.

Octopi Media’s main audio kit includes the Røde NTG4 shotgun mic encased in the Røde blimp. Utilizing the blimp allows easy handling of the microphone as the blimp isolates any vibrations on the handle from reaching the microphone. The Sennheiser AVX wireless lavs also used, gives the team more versatility when recording as they allow for professional grade audio to be recorded in situations where a traditional boompole and mic would be impractical to use. This allows for cleaner and more professional sound as the intended dialogue can be recorded without the sound of wind and handling being picked up. Octopi Media also utilizes the Røde videomic and videomicro for scratch audio. Having access to this gear allows us to meet your audio needs in any scenario.

Octopi Media - Vancouver Video Production Company
Octopi Media - Octopi Media - Vancouver Video Production Company

List of Equipment


Canon C100 mark ii
Canon 7d mark ii
Canon 60d


Canon 24-70mm f4 IS L
Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS L
Canon 50mm f1.8
Canon 18-135mm f3.5-5.6
Canon 70-300mm f3.5-5.6

Camera Accessories:

Atomos Ninja Blade
Glidecam HD2000


Rode Videomic
Rode Videomicro
Rode Blimp
Rode NTG4+
Zoom H5
Sennheiser AVX – ME2 lavalier set
Rode Micro Boompole Pro

Aerial Photography:

DJI Phantom 3 Professional


2x Arri 300W Fresnel
Arri 650W Fresnel

Octopi Media - Octopi Media - Vancouver Video Production Company
Octopi Media - Octopi Media - Vancouver Video Production Company
Octopi Media - Vancouver Video Production Company